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    April 26, 2012 by

    Welcome to Diamond Finance

    10 Reasons To Use Us

    1) Mortgage Brokers are now the #1 choice for consumers.

    2) A Mortgage Broker works to determine your lending needs.

    3) More opportunity to get the correct loan from a lender.

    4) A Mortgage Broker does the leg work for you.

    5) Access to a wider range of home loans & home loan products.

    6) Experts in a wide range of home loans & home loan products.

    7) Greater focus – It’s all about you.

    8) A lot more flexibility

    9) Allows you to gain more understanding of the home loan process.

    10) You build a relationship that can have great benefits

    In the event of claim, income protection policies can continue paying until your selected retirement age. For example a 20 year old male who took income protection insurance out until age 65 could claim on his policy for 45 years if required.

    While key person insurance is not for every business, it is worth looking into whether or not your business can benefit from this type of protection.  You want to know that your business will continue regardless of the people who are employed by it.  Business continuity is possible with this life insurance!

    These days, women are as likely as men to be the main breadwinner in any household. And, as there is no choice as to who bears the children, it has become more important than ever for women to take out life insurance cover while they are pregnant.